Mediation provides a professionally trained, neutral, third party to people in conflict and/or dispute in an effort to help them feel heard and understood while they work toward resolution. The Mediator creates and fosters an environment where the disputing parties can work through their strong emotions and decide on an outcome or settlement that works best for everyone. All of this is done while working to preserve the underlying appropriate relationship between parties such as the one between ex-spouses who still need to parent children.

Mediation is indicated whenever the parties have the power and/or potential ability to work out their dispute with some skilled help and communication coaching. It has proved invaluable in areas such as helping parents work through custody disputes and parenting plans. Mediation is a way to help people solve their problems and disputes without depending on the costly and often very impersonal legal/court systems.

At P. Mars Scott Law Offices, we provide both traditional Facilitative Mediation where our third-party neutrals meet with all of the parties together in one room as well as Evaluative Mediation or Settlement Conferences where our Settlement Masters move from room to room facilitating settlement as well as giving their opinion and feedback as to the relative strengths and weaknesses of each case.

Because we have family law attorneys and mediators working together in our firm, we have the option to offer document preparation services that other mediators do not. For example, in dissolution of marriage cases, if you wish, not only can we draft your Marital and Property Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan, we can also prepare everything from your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage through the Decree of Dissolution and more.