You may have unique family issues that need special attention. For example, you may have an adult child with special needs who requires financial considerations and long-term care.  Or you may have inherited a large sum of money that you wish to protect.

We have assisted clients with the following types of special issues during divorce, or if no divorce:

  • You have an adult special needs child
  • Your divorce involves children or adults with special needs or guardianships
  • You or your spouse have significant amounts of inherited, gifted, or premarital property
  • You or your spouse have filed for bankruptcy before, during, or after a divorce
  • You, your spouse, or your family business is facing a lawsuit or lawsuits
  • Your children have personal accounts and trusts
  • You or your spouse are dissipating (wasting) the assets of the marital estate
  • Your divorce is complicated by special issues related to taxes
  • You or your spouse are in the military
  • You need help with the recovery of undisclosed assets
  • Your divorce involves lawsuits between spouses for personal injury or assaults
  • You have had a history of domestic violence during your marriage
  • Your property is in different states or countries
  • An important adult in your child’s life needs third-party parenting rights
  • You want to know about your stepparent or grandparent rights

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