P. Mars Scott Law Offices

The attorneys and staff at P. Mars Scott, P.C. will provide you with excellent representation regarding your family law matters. We focus our practice on helping people through their divorce and parenting issues.  We also assist our clients with estate planning, drafting wills and trusts, and probate. We are unique in our ability to tailor our services to the needs of our clients, regardless of the complexity of their case.  

Divorce Attorneys

Over the past thirty-five years, our firm has built a solid reputation for providing compassionate, caring, and experienced representation to clients with difficult and often highly contentious legal issues ranging from complex, high-asset divorces to parenting proceedings to simple adoptions. Representing high net worth individuals in multifaceted financial matters requires a sophisticated understanding and in-depth knowledge of the law. We have the training, experience, and infrastructure to manage extensive data and documents, and to deal with high net worth divorces involving business valuations, property appraisals, government and private pension plan distributions, implications of property distributions, and maintenance/alimony payments.

Parenting and Child Support

We can also help you modify your child support or parenting plan. We are the only law firm in Montana employing a full-time parenting consultant. Our parenting consultant will help you create a customized, developmentally appropriate parenting plan for your children.

Settlement Conferences and Mediation

We provide mediation services, and representation during settlement negotiations and formal settlement conferences.

Value, Integrity, and Efficiency

We provide our clients with excellent service at a fair price. We can tailor our services to meet your individual needs, representing you from the beginning of a divorce through trial and even an appeal. We have high ratings in client satisfaction. We are committed to achieving realistic goals for our clients and to resolving their legal issues in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Our knowledgeable, professional staff is devoted to taking care of you.

We safeguard our clients' identities and privacy. 

Please look through our site to learn more about our firm members and the services we provide to our clients, or give us a call at 406-327-0600 to discuss your case with a member of the firm. You can also visit us on Facebook.