Over the past four decades, our firm has built a solid reputation for providing compassionate, caring, and experienced representation to clients with difficult and often highly contentious legal issues.


Special Issues

Property Division


Parenting & Child Support

We are the only law firm in Montana employing a full-time parenting consultant. Our parenting consultant will help you create a customized, developmentally appropriate parenting plan for your children.


Child Support



Wills, Trusts & Probates

Our office can assist you, or your loved ones, in executing a will, or in distributing a loved one's estate, even if there is no will.

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Mediation & Arbitration

We provide mediation services, representation during settlement negotiations, and formal settlement conferences.





We have the skill, experience, and integrity to assist you with every step of the litigation process, including document drafting and review, trial preparation, court appearances, appeals, and decree enforcement.



Our Team

P. Mars Scott


Owner of the firm, Mars has been a practitioner of Family Law in Montana since 1980. Mars focuses on complex dissolution cases.

Jason M. Scott


Jason has been a practitioner of Law in Montana & California since 2017. Jason focuses on family law cases and business organizations.


Awards & Recognition

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