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Child Support

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Child Support

If your divorce or separation involves children who are minors, you will need to determine whether one parent pays child support to the other and, if so, in what amount. In Montana, child support must be calculated pursuant to a complex formula set by state law. The final child support amount can deviate from the statutory formula if the parties agree or if there is good cause to do so, such as a child with special needs.

Get child support legal help:

  • Preparing or reviewing child support financial affidavits. This form, which must be filled out by both parents, outlines each person’s financial situation and asks for information about each child, his or her expenses, and the amount of time each child spends with each parent.
  • Determining income of a self-employed, unemployed, or underemployed parent. Calculating child support may be more difficult if you or your co-parent do not have a traditional job or are unemployed. We can help determine your income for child support as well as the proper income amount of your co-parent.  We can evaluate whether you are paying or receiving an appropriate amount of child support under Montana law.
  • Assisting in child support modifications. If you or your co-parent’s income has changed significantly, if expenses related to your children have changed, if the amount of time you parent your children has change, or if some other aspect of your financial life has changed, we can help you apply for a modification of your child support order.
  • Producing child support calculations. We can prepare child support calculations in accordance with Montana Child Support Guidelines.

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