When you deal with a legal issue, mistakes can be costly. When your legal issue concerns your children, the stakes are even higher. Properly addressing a parenting issue requires special skills, experience, and knowledge about the legal system, as well as having a keen sense about psychological and child development. We help parents successfully navigate their parenting issues with compassion, sensitivity, and a true concern for the best interests of children.

We regularly assist clients with the following parenting legal services:

  • Parenting consultation. Speak to our fulltime parenting consultant about your parenting related issues from how to talk to your children about your divorce, to how to write a developmentally appropriate parenting plan, to how to resolve family conflicts
  • Parenting plan drafting. Work with both a legal professional and our parenting consultant to create or review a parenting plan that is right for your family
  • Guardian ad Litem or Parenting Evaluator informational session. Get the information you need about the people who may be working with you, your children, and your family during your divorce or child custody case
  • Relocation legal help. If you or your co-parent are planning to relocate out of state, you need to know your rights and your children’s rights. You may also need to go to court to update your parenting plan and parenting schedule prior to your move
  • Third-party parenting and grandparent parenting legal help. Whether you are a parent, or interested in third-party parenting, we can help you better understand your rights and take the appropriate legal actions for your situation
  • Step-parenting and co-parenting. Discuss being a successful stepparent or co-parent with our parenting consultant and learn your rights as a stepparent or co-parent from one of our legal professionals
  • Paternity legal help. If you need help with a paternity legal action or with establishing paternity, we can provide you with legal guidance, preparing documents, and appearing in court

Meet with Our Full-Time Parenting Consultant

We have a fulltime, fully qualified parenting consultant on staff to help you with all your parenting issues including the emotional and psychological stresses and challenges that sometimes stem from a divorce action.

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